Great Cove Adventure Films is our most popular video channel on YouTube. It features videos of outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping, and more. In mid-2013, we reached 1000 subscribers, and we're on track to get to 1,000,000 views by the end of the year. Click here to visit the channel.

Bernardo's Tech Blog started life several years ago as a blog, and more recently has evolved into a YouTube channel. We cover mostly computer and techie stuff, but also mix in other topics like alternative energy and recycling. Things like solar cooking and cardboard boats, for example. The old blog is still available at, and we post things to it now and then. But you'll find most of the action on the YouTube channel.


CuteStarter is our free CD autorun menu program distributed under the GPL (GNU General Public License). This program is designed for anyone who distributes content or software on CDs and wants to present their users with an easy-to-use menu.